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On the 20th of December, just before Christmas holidays Sacchi Elettroforniture- one of the main Italian companies in the distribution of electrical equipment, automation, lighting and safety were celebrating

the “Cena degli Auguri 2019” which is the Christmas greeting dinner in Italia.




The event took place in the big venue of Malpensa Fiere Pad, and has a large dinner involving more than a thousand of guests. (1200 but who's counting?)


During the ceremony, there have been some entertainment moments on the central stage,

like the CEO greetings, a cabaret show, a live band performance, some prizes giving, and even a lottery.


The lighting equipment professionally set up by the rental company “PlayGroup” of Milan and the lighting show was designed by Luca Fabiani.

Lighting operator and designer Lorenzo Pagella did the programming.


To control the lighting equipment for this special event the lighting team used Compulite's Vector Orange.




Lighting operator Lorenzo Pagella: "We decided to work with Compulite because it's a very trustable system with high flexibility of programming solutions. The vector pc free software makes it easy to pre-program the event before the setup, with the help of 3D visualizers. Through vector pc software and an ePort node you can easily add a safe backup system to your lighting desk without the need for a second desk."


The Controlled material included a total of amount of 128 fixtures (64 moving lights)

The Controlled material:

  • Robe’s Pointe
  • LedWash 600
  • Spiider
  • ClayPaky’s Alpha Beam70
  • DTS FOS100 bars
  • ETC halogen profiles

And over a hundred of narrow Pinspots focused on the tables.


The light plan, organized on Vector with fixture and group icons: 




La sai l'ultima is an Italian television program dedicated to jokers from all over Italy and broadcast for several prime time editions on Canale 5 the main television channel in Italy broadcast  by Mediaset group (the largest commercial broadcaster in the country.)

The program is based on a competition between jokes that during each episode, the competitors challenge each other by offering jokes. In each episode, three teams led by three Italian comedians, compete with jokes to elect the best joker in Italy.

The audience in the room elects the winner through the applause mechanism (specially measured through the "Applausometer" mechanism).

The set was programmed and controlled by Compulite's famous Vector Red and Vector Ultra Violet consoles and controlled via e-Port 41 for the Ethernet Network.

The light control split in two: white lights and effect lights.
The effect lights were managed by a different console with another operator, while the rest of the lights were managed by one Vector Red.
As a backup, they used one Vector Ultra Violet that also served for the management of the headlights of the second TV set.
Fixtures were controlled via ArtNet with 2 e-Port 41 units.


The Controlled material included a total of 40 moving lights and 40 led profiles.

1st TV set:

High End - SolaFrame 2000

Clay Paky - Scenius Profile


ETC - Source4 LED

2nd TV set:

16 x DL4S 

2 x led profiles and 

8 x D

TS Flash 4000


Lighting operator Alessandro Soster : "The Compulite system was chosen and made available by the AMG Service, which is among the BIG Italian rental companies. I have been working with Compulite for many years and Vector is widely used in television studios."


Lighting operator Alessandro Soster did the programming, and then Fabio D'Angelo continued.
Marco Sirignano was the excellent DOP and responsible for the lighting project.

The show filmed at the Le Robinie studio’s in Cologno Monzese (Milan)



Tuesday, 10 December 2019 10:30

Vector Device Package Update 12.2019


We are happy to announce a new Device Package update for our Vector Series.

This package contains 212 new devices and 51 updates.

Please follow the instructions on the installer and choose the best option to suit your needs.

For any questions, please contact: support@compulite.com


Tuesday, 03 December 2019 12:39

New Vector Software Update V4.0R04


Compulite systems is proud to announce the release of a new Vector software update; Version 4.0R04.

This version brings a new and updated feature:

Vector Black and Ultra Black Support

This version supports the new Vector Black and Vector Ultra Black.

Vector PC Outputs

The number of outputs for Vector PC has changed in case PC Wing is connected.

New Device Builder

There is a new Device Builder that is supported in this Vector version.

Option To Change Status Bar Size

Status Bar size can be changed between 3 sizes now.

Ethernet Ascii Messages

Vector now supports receiving of Ascii messages via Ethernet.

Bug Fixes

  • Softkey views are not maintaining the last scrolled position when loading the layout or restarting the console.

  • Color picker default saturation value for fixtures with no dimmer was 0 and it shouldn't.

  • @+ and @- are not working as they should.

  • Selecting range of [Dim] using +/- is not working.

  • Sequence is invalid when using + to select Cues/Qlists.

  • After pressing +/- dimmer values are released from the editor for selected fixtures.

  • Eport 8 is only opening 4 ports instead of 8.

  • When connecting a Wing with faders it applies the fader values to the console instead of matching the console's position.

  • When a second PB Wing 20 is connecting to the console, the pages are not synced.

  • Stability improvements on Master-Slave and Master-Node connections.

  • Sync improvements on Master-Slave and Master-Node.

Enjoy this release.

The Compulite Team


Thursday, 07 November 2019 07:45

Compulite Vibe tour in Japan and Spain

The Story of the Story is a co-production of Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Theater Artemis, directed by Jetse Batelaan. It’s a show about... well, what IS it about? Hats off to you if you can tell us what happens! This show is Weird with a capital W. And Strange with a capital S. But also Exciting with a capital E. 


Stan Bannier Stage manager: "after a tour through the Netherlands, we decided to tell the Story beyond the borders. We kicked-off our international adventures in Venice, where we opened the Biennale Teatro and Jetse Batelaan received the Silver Lion. Batelaan is the first-ever theatre maker for young audiences and Dutch national to receive the prestigious award. The Story continued its international journey to Japan (Aichi Triennale, Nagoya) and Barcelona (Fundació Teatre Lliure). Tom IJpelaar, lighting engineer, used the Vibe (from SEW) in Japan and the Vibe M (from EARpro) in Spain to control over 70 fixtures." 




Stan continues: "it’s unbelievable how Compulite-users all over the world get so much support from distributors and the factory. We’ve had a blast with the shows and on the Vibe console with the help of SEW in Japan and Earpro in Spain. At any time the Compulite team can remotely connect to the console and give an online support. I’ve updated the console to a new software version that just got released and have installed a new VC-tester on it, so I could see what my outputting per parameter was, it's amazing how easy it is and how nice, fast and understandable the workflow is on it!"



Aviv Shukrun (CTO): "the Compulite Vibe and Vibe M consoles are a totally fresh concept in the new lighting control. We developed a system to cater to the performances and complex needs of today’s lighting professionals. Beside of the system capabilities, we targeted the customers services support to be part of nowadays networking technology by being able to connect remotely to the Vibe console and give an immediate service online at any time and in any location around the globe. The Compulite Vibe consoles are suitable and serving many venues from Theaters, Television, Production Performances where simplicity, flexibility and programing time is essential."

Sunday, 06 October 2019 07:25

Compulite closed for Jewish holidays

Friday, 19 April 2019 13:33

Happy Holidays



Wednesday, 13 February 2019 14:28

Vector Ultra Black

The Vector Ultra Black is the 'little brother' to the world renowned and reliable Vector Family. Portable, powerful and affordable, the Vector
Ultra Black is small enough to fit in carry-on luggage and has all the controls and outputs required to handle complex productions. With 10
pages of fader playbacks, Q-key playbacks and theatre style master playback with large GO button, the Vector Black maintains all of the
convenience of our larger consoles. 

For more details, download the Vector Black Datasheet

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 14:09

Vector Black

The Vector Black is the 'little brother' to the world renowned and reliable Vector Family. Portable, powerful and affordable, the Vector Black
is small enough to fit in carry-on luggage and has all the controls and outputs required to handle complex productions. With 10 pages of
fader playbacks, Q-key playbacks and theatre style master playback with large GO button, the Vector Black maintains all of the convenience
of our larger consoles. 

Fore more details, download the Vector Black Datasheet

Sunday, 20 January 2019 13:32

C-NET Manager Version 1.8.0

Compulite is happy to announce the release of the new C-NET Manager Version 1.8.0



This version supports the new E-Sync type







The Compulite Team