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KOBA 2018 is an annual tradeshow co-organized by Korea E & EX and The Korea Broadcasting Engineer & Technician Association.

With 2018 being KOBA's 28th year, organizers are more eager than ever to introduce the future of image, sound and lighting technologies,

continuously enhancing the Korean broadcasting culture.



Tongsuh Technology Co. Ltd, Compulite's official distributor in Korea, is exhibiting at KOBA 2018 which will take place May 15-18 at the Convention & Exhibition Center (COEX) in Seoul, Korea.

As the KOBA show always focuses on innovation and the newest technologies, Tongsuh Technology Co. Ltd has chosen to display an array of the most advanced products in the world of lighting;

naturally including Compulite's revolutionary Vibe console, the state of the art CompuDim 2 dimmer cabinet with a Dimmer Monitor attached and the popular, dependable Vector Blue.   


Visit us:

KOBA 2018, May 15-18

Hall A (A845 & A921)

COEX (Convention & Exhibition Center)

513 Yeongdong-Daero, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea


Sunday, 13 May 2018 13:11

Vibe M

Vibe M is the ultimate compact console. It is just as powerful as the original Vibe, but is about 15 cm narrower, 7 cm shorter and 7 kg lighter, therefore it is easier to carry and maneuver.
Vibe M combines innovation with convenience, it utilizes the latest Operating System software & computer hardware with Multi-touch screen technologies to provide a totally flexible and dynamic customizable control surface.


  • Built-in 15.6” plus 11.6” Full HD multi-touch screens
  • Length: 882mm (34.7in)
  • Width: 436mm (17.1in)
  • Height (closed): 155mm (6.1in)
  • Height (opened): 396mm (15.5in)
  • Weight: 22.8kg (50.2lb)
  • 10 individually paging motorized faders
  • 30 individually paging multi-use controller buttons


Download the Vibe Brochure

Sunday, 06 May 2018 08:47

Compulite products at GET show 2018


The Guangzhou (International) Entertainment Technology Show, aka GET Show, is a professional annual exhibition related to the entertainment technology industry.

The exhibition presents light and sound products, covering different brands from different countries and different fields, including studio, architecture and theater.


Guangzhou Coemar Equipment Co. Ltd, Compulite's official distributor in China, is exhibiting at GET show 2018 which will take place May 8-11 at the Poly World Trade Expo Center in Guangzhou, China.


During this important 4 day event, Guangzhou Coemar Equipment Co. Ltd will present some of Compulite's best products, such as the cutting edge Vibe family with its newest member

and the reliable Vector family including Vector Red, Vector Blue and Vector Ultra Violet.



Don't miss it!

GET show 2018

May 8-11

Poly World Trade Expo Center

Booth No.5E-02A

Thursday, 26 April 2018 09:10

Vector PC Wing Update V0.37 and V0.61

New Vector PC Wing Firmware Updates V037 and V061 are available for download.

These versions include a change in the way PC Wing is connected to a console.
From now on it is possible to determine, through the PC Wing, which console it will connect to.

See the release notes for details and downloading the files.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018 11:40

Israel's Independence Day



Earlier this month Compulite enjoyed a very busy Prolight+Sound expo in a new designed booth with hundreds of visitors. 

The team displayed some of its finest products and introduced the newest member of the Vibe family. The excitement was apparent among all the visitors.


Compulite has always been known for its high quality solutions and innovative, creative and out of the box thinking. Paying close attention to requests from clients around the world, Compulite invested great efforts in creating the new member of the Vibe family…

the new Vibe is the ultimate compact console! It is about 15 cm narrower, 7 cm shorter and 7 kg lighter, therefore it is easier to carry and maneuver.

Combining innovation and convenience with the latest operating system software and multi-touch screen technology, the new Vibe is a real breath of fresh air.  




Compulite also presented more familiar products users have come to know and love over the years such as Vector Ultra Violet with a Vector Playback Wing 20, as well as Vector PC Wing.

The Vector family keeps delivering outstanding performances and reliability, so it was only natural to present those dependable consoles at the exhibition as well.

Aviv Shukrun, Compulite's R&D Manager: "It has been a very successful tradeshow for us and we managed to achieve all the goals we set. As we all know, the Vector family is very substantial in the industry and we still keep improving and developing it."


Many of the visitors happy to experience all the products and stated that the products clearly represent Compulite's everlasting innovation and intuition.

They also said the company's pioneering qualities are always evident in its products and they seemed to be most intrigued by the new Vibe series and its clever features.


"The Vibe family," Aviv continues "which we introduced a few years ago as the first lighting console in the market without controllers, has finally evolved into one of the most powerful lighting consoles and we are looking forward to it

becoming the flagship of the Compulite brand. Lighting designers and operators who saw Vibe evolving over the years now understand that this is a product that matches their expectations and demands

and they are all eager to get their hands on it and start working."


Tuesday, 27 March 2018 08:51

Meet the new member of the Vibe family!



The Grand Music Award (GMA) is the highest form of state recognition in the field of music in Latvia.

Every year the Ministry of Culture celebrates outstanding musical achievements with a special prize given to selected artists at the Grand Music Award ceremony.

The annual ceremony always takes place at the Latvian National Opera House and is broadcasted by Latvian Radio 3 Klasika and by Latvian National Television.


Lighting Operator Māris Sējāns has been using Compulite products for the important event for years, originally working with the Ovation. Nowadays, he uses Vector Red as the main lighting console and Vector Green as a backup and travelling console.

"Vector Red is very intuitive and predictable", says Māris "we didn't have any training so I had to learn it mostly myself. When I needed to use certain features for which I had no written instructions, the first way I tried usually worked."


Vector Red was used to control the entire 2018 Grand Music Award lighting set consisting of: Clay paky Scenius spots x4, Clay Paky Alpha Profile 700 x16, Clay Paky B-eye K-20 x8, Clay Paky Alpha Wash 1500 x2, Dortron LED wash x30,

Elation SixBar 1000 x20 as well as some conventional lights.


Māris: "At the end of the day anything we need in order to operate a lighting set properly can be done one way or another, using the Vector family".



Set Designer - Didzis Jaunzems

Lighting designer - Mārtiņš Feldmanis

Lighting Operator - Māris Sējāns

Video - Roberts Rubīns.



Prolight+Sound is one of the largest international trade shows in the world. It is an annual display of technologies and services for the Entertainment industry, integrated systems and creation.

The exhibition offers visitors an overview of all products and services for the event sector, including: lighting, sound, stage technology, system integration, production services and more.

This year Compulite will be presenting Vibe along with other consoles and products. 

Buy your ticket, visit our booth and experience the latest Compulite products and the most cutting edge lighting consoles in the world today!


Prolight+Sound 2018


Messe Frankfurt Exhibition Center

Hall 3.0, Stand H 33


Tú sí que vales is an Italian competitive talent show broadcast in prime time on Channel 5, run by the largest commercial broadcaster in the country; Mediaset Group.

The contestants who participate in the competition must have a skill such as singing, dancing, acrobatics or anything else. Each contestant is then judged by three experts:

Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti and Rudy Zerbi, and the winner of the program wins 100,000 euros!

One segment in the show featured Aerogravity, the biggest free-fall simulator in the world, allowing those who enter the vertical tunnel to "fly".

This segment was filmed in a structure with a transparent cylinder in which a strong vortex of air was created, requiring a lighting console which could successfully control an external video shooting lighting set.

After careful consideration Compulite's Vector Red was finally chosen; the firstborn console in the Vector family, programmed to deal with the most challenging lighting tasks!


"Working with Vector Red is always nice", says Lighting Operator Alessandro Soster, "Generally, I choose the console based on the work I'm going to do, the type of event and availability of the rental company.

For this event, I had the chance to receive an upgrade with Vector Red!"


Vector Red was used to control: Clay Paky Scenius Profiles, DTS Evos, DTS Nick 1401s, DTS Fos 100 Dynamics, ETC 50° Source Four LEDs and 6 ARRI L7Cs.


Lighting Operator: Alessandro Soster

Director of Photography: Gianluca Bronzini

Rental Company: AMG