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Made in Sud is a popular Italian television show produced by RAI-2 live on the Comedy Central channel, hosted by comedians Gigi e Ross, Fatima Trotta and Elizabeth Gregoraci.

The show has been running since November 2012 and features many comedians and actors from Southern Italy including: Mariano Bruno, Paolo Caiazzo, Gino Fastidio, Mino Abbacuccio, Rosaria Miele and many more.

During Made in Sud's 2017 season the lighting system has been operated by Compulite's Vector Ultra Violet with a Vector PC backup system. In addition, the consoles worked in sync with Cast Wysiwyg.​



Console operator and media server: Luca Avino

Director of photography: Sandro carotenuto

Console operators: Marco pirone and Nicola arienzo.

Compulite is proud to announce the release of two new CompuDim2 drawer types: the DRD and the RCBOs.


The DRD drawer – “All In One”, a new drawer model that includes 3 operation modes; Dimmer, Relay and Direct. The setup for each operation mode is simply configured by the Rack Control Module and can be set per channel inside each drawer.

Different types of CompuDim2 drawers can be mixed and installed in the same Dimmer Cabinet, while the Rack Control Module automatically recognizes them and provides the necessary control.


The RCBOs protection – a new protection level for each dimmer channel, Dual Pole (2P) Residual Current circuit-breaker with Overcurrent. The new protection module provides the maximum main input and output protection, including current leakage detection for each dimmer channel. 






Both of the new drawers have all of the standard status feedback:

  • Load current per dimmer
  • Open load
  • Circuit breaker status (ON/OFF)
  • Module temperature
  • Over temperature protection
  • Over current protection
  • Gold plated power pins


As well as LED Indication:

No Load
Over Current



Available drawer model capacity: 2x2.5kW, 2x3kW, 2x5kW, 2x16A Relay, 2x25A Relay and 2xDRD.

Tuesday, 04 July 2017 05:17


Monday, 03 July 2017 10:46

New Vector Software Update V4.0R02


Compulite systems is proud to announce the release of a new Vector software update; Version 4.0R02.

This version brings a new and updated feature:

Increased Ports

Violet and Ultra Violet have been increased to 32 DMX universes 

Bug Fixes

  • The Park function made the system freeze for a few seconds.

  • The color picker switched the values to Magenta and Yellow while working on a CMYK color system.

  • The color picker did not remember the state of the "All Layers" or "Selected Layer" from the previous entry.

  • The color picker was not synced with color parameter values of 16 bit parameters.

  • There was a problem on the wheels that could cause a movement of a wrong parameter when using the "All Param Layers" flag.

  • Disabling "All Param Layers" did not disable it if the parameter page was not changed.

  • Changing the bank did not reset the "All Param Layers" flag.

  • A new column has been added for "enabled" in the timeline spread sheet.

  • When the timeline had many frequent events, disabling/enabling/deleting the lines did not work properly.

  • Disable and Enable timeline events did not ask the user for confirmation, possibly causing unwanted results.

  • The timeline did not start from 0 after loading.

  • Editor Flash (SHIFT-/SHIFT+) – fixtures did not go back to their previous state.

  • Editor Flash (SHIFT-/SHIFT+) – fixtures did not release the values while releasing the shift button before the + or -.

  • [GOTO, CUE, #, (TIME, #), HERE] – turned off the sequence of the playback.

  • When "Go For Multifade" is disabled, hitting [HOLD] and then [GO] would not GO the playback.

  • Changing the name of a Temp Cue did not store on the snap even if the snap behavior was configured to save "On Any Change".

Enjoy this release.

The Compulite Team


Monday, 03 July 2017 10:06

Compulite Summer Vacation

Sunday, 11 June 2017 11:47


                Fixture Accessories
Thursday, 25 May 2017 06:09

ePort-41 Firmware Update M 20.12


The new ePort-41 Firmware Update M 20.12 is now available for download.

This version includes a DMX-In bug fix, which caused values to flicker. 

To update the ePort-41 version download the new firmware file to your console/PC from here.


Note: this update is intended for new ePorts only; serial numbers 51956 and above.  

For further assistance please contact support@compulite.com

Tuesday, 09 May 2017 07:26

New Q&A Facebook Forum!



Facebook users: Compulite is happy to provide its users with a new Q&A Facebook forum!

The forum will serve as a platform for users to ask and answer questions about Compulite products.

Please feel free to join the Facebook group by clicking here.


Note: Compulite will continue to post updates only to the official page so be sure to follow it.


For further technical support, bugs or troubleshooting please contact: support@compulite.com

Sunday, 23 April 2017 05:28



In February 2017, RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana premiered a new and exciting television show by the name of Standing Ovation.

Standing Ovation is the first talent competition to feature children and parents singing together in front of three judges and a live studio audience, airing in Italy after great international success.

Standing Ovation is produced by Ballando Multimedia, hosted by Antonella Clerici and features judges Romina Power, Nek and Loredana Bertè.

The lighting designer and operator for Standing Ovation is Jerry Roberto Romani while other RAI operators work along with him.


The television show's lighting system is controlled by the following Compulite products: Vector Blue, Vector Violet.

Via Alessandro Soster, pictures by Jerry Roberto Romani.