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SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik is a German based company which specializes in sound, light and media technology.

Over the past 8 years, SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik has been providing technical support for the famous Festwirt Göckelesmaier at the popular Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest, aka the Stuttgart Spring Festival.

The event is attended by about 5000 visitors every day.


This year, SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik decided to use the following Compulite products for the event:

1x Compulite Vector red (FOH)

1x Compulite Vector blue (FOH-Backup)

1x Compulite Vector on PC (Slave in technic room)

1x Compulite ePort41

Vector iControl App




And these Fixtures:

16x Robe Spikie

6x Clay Paky Alpha Wash 575

10x JB Lighting P3

22x JB Lighting Sparx7

12x Soundline LED Wash Movinghead

4x 4-Lite blinder

1x Unique Hazer

2x Arkaos Mediamaster Pro (fully controlled by Vector)

130x Ledium C3 LED-wall panels


The show will also contain:

5 DMX universes and 6 Art-Net universes


The "Frühlingsfest“ will begin Saturday, April 15th and end Sunday, May 7th. 


In addition, SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik will be operating a band tour production by the name of "Alpenmafia“. The tour includes about 30 gigs per year and is operated using Compulite's Vector orange, controlling 32 fixtures and 1 Arkoas Media Master Pro.



Spotlight, Compulite's official distributor in Italy, hosted a special open day event last week in Milan.

During the unique 3 day event, Spotlight presented a wide range of new and exclusive products in a designated show room, allowing visitors to view and test them.

In addition, Product Specialists and technicians assisted visitors by answering their questions about the products.


One of the products featured at the event was Compulite's eagerly awaited, cutting edge Vibe console.

Visitors were both delighted and intrigued by the new console, proving the Italian market is completely prepared for the advanced lighting technology Vibe provides.

Vibe utilizes the latest Operating System software & computer hardware with Multi-touch screen technologies to provide a totally flexible and dynamic customizable control surface.



The open day event also featured Compulite's CompuDim Dimmer cabinet, receiving excellent feedback from visitors.

CompuDim dimmers have high precision, are intelligent, fully digital and reliable. They are designed to deliver a complete solution for any dimming or stage requirements.



Prolight+Sound is one of the largest international trade shows in the world. It is an annual display of technologies and services for the Entertainment industry, integrated systems and creation.

The exhibition offers visitors an overview of all products and services for the event sector, including: lighting, sound, stage technology, system integration, production services and more.

Compulite, along with its German distributer Feiner Lichttechnik GmbH, will be presenting the Vibe and the Vector Ultra Violet consoles, as well as other products. 



Please visit our booth to see the latest Compulite products and the most cutting edge lighting consoles in the world today.


Prolight+Sound 2016 Gallery



Prolight+Sound 2017


Messe Frankfurt Exhibition Center

Hall 5, Level 0, Stand B18

Zhiji Xishi Grand Theater is a new theater located in Zhejiang, China, covering an area of 37000 ㎡ with a unique 4 floors design. 

The project is managed by Zhejiang Dafeng Group with the assistance of Compulite's official distributor in China Guangzhou Coemar Ligthing Equipment Co., Ltd.

The theater is fully-equipped and multifunctional. It contains an auditorium, dressing room, VIP room, recording studio, rehearsal hall, cinema, and coffee shop. 

The stage design was inspired by the Chinese character ”品”. It is equipped with extended stages on both sides, to ensure the stage is large enough to satisfy different styles of performances.

The auditorium contains 2 floors and 1200 seats. 


Zhejiang Dafeng Group understood the need for stability in power supply as well as a reliable, state of the art control system. 

After careful consideration, they selected the following Compulite products:


2pcs of Vector Red

71pcs of ePort 2

2pcs of ePort 41

8pcs of CompuDim 96

1pcs of CompuDim 72

1 set of lighting system

9pcs of CompuDim Drawer blank

18pcs of Rack control module

We are happy to report that the Xishi Grand Theater is already operating and is expected to present many great shows in the next few months. 

Monday, 27 February 2017 08:57

Putous, Finland's most popular TV show

Putous (Comedy Battle) is a Finnish sketch comedy television show. The show is currently in its 8th season and is considered the most popular live show in Finland.

The Putous cast consists of well known Finnish comedians including: Riku Nieminen, Krista Kosonen, Aku Hirviniemi, Jukka Rasila and Jaakko Saariluoma.


The light design for the television show is provided by Jussi Kallioinen, while Tero Jokiniemi, Jani Ahonen and Otto Tyyskä operate the lighting system using about 230 fixtures.  

The television show's lighting system is controlled by the following Compulite products: Vector Blue,Vector Green


Putous, every Saturday live at 7:30 PM on MTV3. 




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Monday, 23 January 2017 11:30

Shalva National Children's Center

Shalva National Children's Center is a center for disabled children and their families.
This center is located in Jerusalem, Israel, and it has an auditorium with 400 seats.

Our Israeli distributor, Danor, has installed a system in this auditorium.

Installation included 2 Compupacks with 12 dimmers each and a Vector Violet.

The system includes a few control options from different locations on and off stage, in order to achieve maximum flexibility.

Monday, 23 January 2017 06:37

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