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About Us
Compulite is both a pioneer and innovator in its field, serving lighting professionals in the Entertainment Technology industry for almost 3 decades. Focusing on the development and manufacture of high quality lighting control equipment, Compulite has repeatedly redefined the language and tools lighting designers and programmers use, to bring their creativity to life. Compulite's emphasis is not only on superior quality and innovation, but also high customer responsiveness with minimal response time. Through continuous interaction with customers, accumulation of ideas and needs, Compulite has become and will remain, a well-recognized industry leader. Compulite is a privately owned company established in 1978. 


Compulite is privately owned by Dan Redler, Alfred Senator (founders) and Yehuda Shukrun.

Dan Redler - President
Alfred Senator - Director
Yehuda Shukrun - Managing Director



The company's headquarters, offices, R&D and manufacturing facilities are located in Hod-Hasharon, Israel. Compulite Systems operates a worldwide network of distributors, which covers Europe, Oceania, Africa, Asia, South & Central America and the Middle East (Distributor map )

1978 -  First computerized lighting console based on a microprocessor that gave lighting designers and board operators most advanced functions at very low cost compared to the mini-computer solution
1984 - Compulite Pioneers moving light control with Telescan Lighting computer
1989 - Ovation 3A and Applause 3A are introduced and become the console of choice for hundreds  
of theaters and other installations
1990 - Animator debuts and quickly becomes the most popular integrated moving light console worldwide
1993 - A new generation of the Ovation 3B and Applause 3B consoles roll off the production line.
1994 - A line of spin-off products, including Whisper, Corona and Yokes are introduced to the lighting industry
1996 -  Spark and Photon join the Compulite range of products
1997 - New advanced family of products (4D), based on Ethernet communication, 
supported by Compucad - Computer aided lighting design is introduced
2000 -  Compudim family, the intelligent digital dimmer solutions
2001 - Braking new ground with Rave consoles for clubs and DJs.
2002 - Vector,  A new concept of intelligent lighting control consoles
2003 - Compusine, pure sine wave dimmer
 2004  Dlite, new concepts of intelligent lighting control consoles

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