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Project : Trans Siberian Orchestra Tour

Location : United States

TSO's 'Christmas Eve and Other Tales' melds classical and rock music into a performance both powerful and beautiful. As TSO's popularity grows with each passing season, so does the complexity and spectacle of their production. (Total Production US, Winter 2006). production company: Q1 Technologies. Lighting Designer - Bryan Hartley. 2 teamed coast to coast tour. A lighting team on each coast with the following lighting equipment: Compulite Vector Red and Vector Blue in a Master/Slave, 2 Eports (one per console)  expanding DMX output to 12 universes.  44 Martin Mac 2k Wash, 44 Vari*Lite VL3000, 36 Martin Atomic strobe, 6 Syncrolite 30 Six-bar PAR cans, 18 Four-bar ACL, 30 PAR cans, 800 Star strobe, 1 Fiber optic star curtain/w, 8 Martin QFX 150, 4 High End System F100 fogger, 2 Real EFX DF-50 hazer, 48 8' custom James Thomas Auto Truss,  20 8' sections, 18" truss, 8 High speed one-ton motor, 31 one-ton motor, 1 motion laboratories motor controller, 5 CITC little Blizzard snow machine, CITC Haze max, 30 ETC Source Four Par/w Wybron color scroller, 8 MR-16 20 lites w/Wybron scroller.

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For more than 15 years the Starlight Express in Bochum has been one of the most successful musical theatres in Germany. Replacing the old moving-light-controller Peter Lucassen, the chief Lighting technician decided on our Vector Blue. The console controls 19 Telescans Mark III and 11 Vari-Lite VL1000A. For the Telescans Compulite made special DMX/TLS protocol converters. The installation was made by the German distributor Feiner Lichttechnik
(Photos by: Jens Hauer).
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Location : Zurich,Switzerland

TV production centre in Zurich is Switzerland's biggest production company for audiovisual applications. Compulite products: Vector Blue (x2), Vector Green, E-mixII, and Micron 4D

Location : Chicago ,United States

Oprah Winfrey is the most popular daytime syndicated talk show in the USA. Compulite products: Sabre 96


Location : Amusement Parks Various Sites,United States

Description: Six Flags Amusement Parks installed Spark 4D consoles in five of their parks including Atlanta, Dallas, Baltimore, St. Louis and Los-Angeles. Compulite products: Spark 4D

Location : Atlantic City, NJ,United States

Michael Bliss programming the Sabre console in Caesar's Main Showroom which hosts touring entertainers including Cher, Celine Dion, and David Copperfield. Compulite products: Sabre

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Project - Love Parade 2007 with Vector

Location - Essen Germany

The Loveparade took place in Essen and had more than 1,2 million visitors. The Loveparade is one of the biggest peace promoting events in the world.
At the final event on the main stage the Vector was used to control the Catalyst media servers for the central video cube and the flexiscreens around the stage.

Equipment list:
1 Vector PC sytem with Editor Wing and 2 Playback Wings, 3 Catalyst V4 Mediaserver, 1 live-stram camera system, 1 live-stram VJ-desk
4x mainscreen 480x420 Pixel, 24x Flexiscreens 32x32 Pixel


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