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Vector Data Sheet
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Vector Software 3.19 R02
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Vector Family
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Vector PC

Vector, based on the most advanced computer networking technologies, delivers unmatched performance reliability with high level functionality and sophistication. Vector consoles are designed for use in theatre, opera and ballet, television, concert touring, theme parks, clubs, exhibitions, and industrial shows.




  • The unique Vector design includes:
    Dual core processors - under Windows XP Embedded.
    This architecture provides:
  • Rich GUI and the technology integration capabilities of Windows XP without compromising Vector's real-time performance and stability
  • Seamless media file integration using Windows XP (digital camera, voice recognition,
    security, etc.)
  • Internal backup
  • Expandability - internal communication between the processors and the panel is done over an internal Ethernet network. The internal network can be easily expanded outwards to add more panels (various remotes, wings, multi-user, etc.) or more DMX universes.
  • Full compatability between all Vector models.


  • Up to 32 DMX universes (16384 channels): 8 onboard physical DMX connectors and 24 over Ethernet
  • Up to 200 active playbacks
  • 10 or 20 Touch-Sensitive motorized faders (Vector Red or Vector Blue)
  • 2 or 3 Internal adjustable touch screens                                                              
  • 2 programming syntax options: Enter (Broadway) or Action
  • 2 operation modes: Tracking (optional with Cue-Only) or Traditional Compulite
  • Up to 6 monitors (depending on the Vector model)
  • Customizable displays 
  • Smart cue programming
  • Gobo and Color pickers
  • Color-Mixing for setting CMY/RGB values 
  • Multimedia capabilities
  • Attach image, sound and txt files to show objects                  
  • Matrix programming
  • Full tracking backup
  • Vector PC software or show programming that can also be used as a backup)
  • Integration with visualization program (CAST Wysiwyg, Capture etc’)
  • Bi-Directional connection with Media server for thumbnails viewing (Green Hippo, Catalyst, ArKaos etc’)
  • SMPTE, MIDI /MSC support
  • USB 2.0 ports at front & back panels of the consoles.



  • Adjustable LED-strip work lights
  • Integrated Keyboard                                                                      
  • Integrated speakers and amplifier
  • Up to three external EVGA monitors (optional touch screens)
  • DVD/CD-RW drive
  • Slim structure - only 32cm 12.6" in height

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