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Dlite USB V50.0R03 Installation Instructions
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Dlite Family
Dlite 96

Dlite 72


Dlite Compact

Dlite PC

Dlite offers intuitive, hands-on tools for quick programming, playback, and many advanced features required for complex lighting applications. Dlite supports both manual and fully programmed playback operations.

Dlite is the perfect choice for medium sized venues, with limited budgets, but complex requirements and diverse needs. Theatres, television studios, Rental houses and schools will find Dlite the most affordable, high performance and intuitive console on the market.

 5 compatible modes 96, 72, 48, compact and PC offer convenient and cost effective solutions for any venue.








  • 4 control universes/2048 attributes  (2 via DMX ports, 2 via Ethernet)
  • 2048 control channels
  • 252 moving lights (up to 75 parameters per fixture)
  • 72 Q-lists ("Stacks") up to 999.9 cues
  • 240 scenes
  • 72 chases of up to 48 steps
  • 72 snaps (playback snapshots or "pages")
  • 96 groups (fixture selection macros)
  • 72 effects
  • 360 show files on internal flash disk
  • 360 device files (fixture profiles) on internal flash disk


  • 2 DMX 512 output ports
  • 1 DMX 512 input ports
  • 1 Ethernet port (for additional DMX distribution & remote control)
  • SMPTE  input
  • MIDI In/Thru
  • Audio (Sound to Light) input


  • 1 graphic 320x240 LCD touch screen
  • 1 external XVGA monitor display


  • Internal 128 MB flash disk
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports









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