Vector Green at "Die Stadt" in the venerable Meiningen Theatre
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Vector Green at "Die Stadt" in the venerable Meiningen Theatre


Germany, Thuringia  Feb 09 2009

Compulite Vector Green at "Die Stadt" in the venerable Meiningen Theatre
Compulite Vector green console was installed in the classical Meiningen Theatre last year
This classical & busy theatre (that also serves as an opera house) will features in 2008-9 season many theatre productions…
"Die stadt" is a British play , The Meiningen is one of its first German live performance.

The theatre house today is teeming with cultural activities such as theatre, opera, ballet, concerts and even a puppet theatre. It features 3 halls (main hall has 731 seats)

This 177- years old theatre served as a key venue for musicians from the 19th century onward. Among them  Hans Guido Freiherr von Bülow  a German conductor, virtuoso pianist, and composer of the Romantic era. In this theater he built one of the finest German orchestras.  Here he met and supported Richard Strauss and other romantic era compositors


The Vector green was installed in the Kammerspiele hall. It was installed with an iControl remote unit.

iControl provides convenient, bi-directional access for programmers & designers away from the console.
iControl provides access to basic lighting functions:
- Soft-Patching
- Fixture selection
- Setting parameters values
- Storing & recalling cues, Q lists & libraries
- Access to parameter wheels & banks
- Status and errors appearing on the console's command line.

From 'Die Stadt'  

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