Vector Blue in "Copacabana" at a regional Cornwall theatre
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Vector Blue in "Copacabana" at a regional Cornwall theatre


Helston, England


In Spring  2009, Seb Blaber used a Vector Blue in Cornwall, England.
Seb was the LD on a production of Barry Manilow’s "Copacabana" presented by Helston Musical Theatre Company.
Seb chose the Vector Blue because of its versatility with moving lights. Though the Vector is suited to large shows and TV studios - it was ideal for the show.
Seb Blaber a Lighting Designer and Programmer said:
“Working with a set which was behind schedule meant that there was no time for programming, I choose to program just two nights after the rehearses. Because of the lack of programming time I made full use of the palettes and group controls which I used for easy programming.  Over all I was really pleased with how the vector performed for the run of the show and would happily use it again, it was excellent on dimmer channels and complex movement cues
I found the Vector to be intuitive, flexible & responsive for various programming syntaxes even for upcoming programmers who don't necessarily have many years of programming experience under their belt"


Production Spec:
The production was a stripped-down version of the show with the 16 piece band on stage with a cast of only 35, This meant it wasn’t a huge rig but included 6 VL2500, 4 Clay Paky Stage Plus. With a mixture of Source Fours, Prelude Fresnel’s and Birdies.


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