New Vector 3.17R05 software release
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New Vector 3.17R05 software release



We are happy to inform you that we have a new Vector software release, 3.17.R05.
The release continues the previous 3.17 software versions, adding fixes & improvements in the Vector's Live views performance & speed.
We recommend installing the new version, so you will have all the new additions and bug



Vector 3.17.R05 New & Improved Features:
•    Faster refresh and behavior of the Displays
•    Changing  entrance/exit to Highlight mode and fixture manipulation while in the mode
•    New option in Timeline – "Trigger Last events"
•    Improved thumbnail download from Catalyst media server
•    Auto-generate group & libraries shows only patched fixtures
•    Active library – more accurate detection of values
•    Format color background making it more noticeable
•    Bug fixes  -  See the detailed list in the enclosed version highlights document

•    For more details of the "version highlights"  - please review the following link:

The software is available for download on our web site.



Merry Christmas, happy Hanuka & happy new year to all !

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