Compulite Systems to unveil new products at Plasa 2011
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Compulite Systems to unveil new products at Plasa 2011


This years Plasa 2011 will see Compulite Systems unveil the following products:

  • Vector software release 3.20
  • New Vector playback 20 wing
  • New RCM (Rack Control Module) unit
  • New Dim-Net CompuDim2

Vector Software 3.20

Plasa 2011 will see the release of the Vector software version 3.20. The release includes a number of new features and improvements:

  • Ability to shuffle fixture selection order
  • Beat feature using a dedicated “Tap-Beat” button
  • New system lock for protection using a 1-10 digit code
  • Improved Group selection via the PB
  • Live fixtures can be viewed in a table like style, either horizontally or vertically
  • New Playback Control feature called “Go-Minus”, allowing the fade time of a cue to go in reverse.
  • Improved move objects feature
  • Plus many more improvements…


Vector Playback 20 Wing

This year sees the launch of an additional wing to the Vector family, the Vector Playback 20 Wing.

The Vector Playback 20 Wing is able to connect to any Vector console or Vector PC via Ethernet. The Wing is an extension giving direct access to 40 playbacks - 20 with faders and 20 'Q-keys'. The independent paging mechanism allows access to any of Vector's 200 virtual playbacks. Faders can be used as sub-masters, rate masters or for setting channel intensity manually. The Playback 20 Wing can be set to work as a completely separate unit, without interfering with the main console operation.


Rack Control Module (RCM)

The new RCM (Rack Control Module) designed on the latest hardware and software technologies, is a fully embedded PC that controls rack electronics. It’s able to communicate with the consoles and control the micro-controllers located in each dimmer drawer. An optional second control module can be installed in the dimmer rack functioning as a Slave control module. The Slave control module is able to track the Master control module and take over in the case of a Master fault.

Features include:

  • Touch screen graphic LCD display 4.3’’
  • Merging of 3 independent input sources
  • Supports VC’s, Art-Net and sACN protocols
  • Real time status screens displaying current and error data
  • Full redundant control module option
  • Communication between control module and dimmer via CAN bus interface
  • Password protected

Dim-Net CompuDim2

Compulite’s Dim-Net range of dimmers is designed around the latest and advanced technology over 25 years. Intelligent, high precision, fully digital and reliable, Dim-Net range of dimmers are designed to deliver a complete solution for any dimming requirements; permanent installations, touring, TV and more. The full integration The Dim-Net range integrates flawlessly with Compulite’s range of lighting consoles, offering the ultimate set for any application in the modern world of lighting.

This year sees the launch of the new CompuDim2 able to house 48 drawers.




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