New Vector Software V3.20 R01 Released!
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New Vector Software V3.20 R01 Released!


Compulite systems is proud to announce the release of a new Vector software update; Version 3.20R01. This version contains a bunch of new and enhanced features including bug fixes.  98 new devices were also added and 378 were updated.

Version 3.20R01 also contains a major Vector Violet improvement that gives you the ability to transmit up to 12 outputs from any protocol (VC’s, ArtNet and streaming ACN) regardless of the amount of ePorts connected.

Other main features and improvements include:

User Defined Curves:
8 User defined curves have been added which can be edited in the windows interface.

External Wing Display:
A dedicated display for external wings, Wing 10 and Wing 20, was added. The display will enable you to view Wings and Qkeys:


Ability to move Playbacks/Qkeys to Playbacks/Qkeys:
The Move function has been enhanced to enable you to move a single playback/Qkey to another playback/Qkey or a range of playbacks/Qkeys to a range of playbacks/Qkeys on-the-fly.

New Snap Options:
New Snap options have been added called “Include Current Master PB” and “Include Current Page #” which enable you to store the current master PB and/or current page number when storing a snap:


Tap Beat:
Tap Beat enables you to set the Rate/Speed of a Chaser, Q-List or Effect by tapping the beat button. The number of beat taps can be set for 2 taps, 4 taps or 8 taps:


Go Reverse:
Go Reverse is a new playback control feature that enables you to go in a reverse direction when using cues.

Invert Values:
Selected Fixtures and Parameters can now be inverted to an opposite value by using a new option called Invert Values:


3 New Shuffle Options:
There are now 3 new options to shuffle a fixture selection order; Shuffle Order, Shuffle Fixtures and Shuffle All Cells.

Navigation History:
Navigation history items can now be selected from drop down menus on the Back and Forward navigation buttons:


Group Selection and Release via PB:
Fixtures can now be selected and/or released by pressing on an assigned PB key or Q-Key. A key can either be assigned to function as a Group Selection or Group Release key.

System Lock:
You are now able to lock the console using a 1 to 10 digit code:


To find out more on this release download the latest Release notes:

Vector 3.20 R01 Release Notes

Enjoy This Release!!!

The Compulite Team:) 


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