Vector Node
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Vector Node User Guide
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Vector Node

Vector Node is an 'all-in-one' unit intended to support three requirements:

  • Designer station - examine console displays and view live data
  • Tracking Backup Unit - closely follow the console as a slave, and take over in the event that the console fails
  • Replay Unit - automatically run shows pre-programmed on a console, independantly or in sync with an external signal (e.g. SMPTE, MIDI time-code)
The Vector Node connects to a Vector Console through a standard Ethernet network. Upon Connection the Node downloads the entire show contents stored on the console. When changes are made to the show data, they are immediately updated on the Vector Node.


  • Examine contents of show objects (cues, qlists, libraries etc) and patch data stored on the console
  • View 'Live' stage displays (fixture parameter values) generated by the console
  • Enter text labels and set timing for show objects
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