Vector Ultra Violet Lights Up Radio Italia’s 30 Year Celebration
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Vector Ultra Violet Lights Up Radio Italia’s 30 Year Celebration


Recently Radio Italia celebrated their 30 years of broadcasting with a mega concert at Piazza del Duomo, Milan. The concert was attended by over 40 thousand people and featured some of Italy’s top singers and performers  such as; Pino Daniele, Negrita, Max Pezzali, Gigi D'Alessio and Anna Tatangelo, J-Ax, Enrico Ruiggieri, Gianni Morandi,  Modà, Biagio Antonacci ,Laura Pausini and the Sanremo Festival Orchestra Tiziano Ferro. Laura Pausini presented a “dedicated” medal to president and founder of Radio Italia, Mario Voltanti, which had been coined for the occasion by the President of the Republic.The show which was hosted by Enrico Ruggieri and Belen Rodriguez lasted almost 4 hours and was broadcast on live local TV channels.


To manage the lighting system for this mega event, Xenon Service decided to use two Vector Ultra Violet consoles, the innovative compact systems from Compulite that combine advanced functionality with ease of use.
The Vector consoles were chosen for their power and versatility which allowed for perfect management of the event lighting; 174 motorized fixtures, 20 LED bars and over 60 dimmer channels with a total of 8 DMX universes.
A Vector Playback Wing was added to the configuration enabling lighting designer Giancarlo Toscani optimal control thanks to a larger number of faders. Once again the Vector systems, chosen for their compact size and their versatility, stood out for their total reliability.


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