Guns Ní Roses 2012 European Tour Powered by 4 Vector Redís
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Guns Ní Roses 2012 European Tour Powered by 4 Vector Redís


Guns N’ Roses are currently towards the end of their European tour named after the album Chinese Democracy. The 2012 tour which started on May 11th 2012 in Moscow, Russia features a mix of old and newer hits put together with spectacular lightning and pyro technics.

Recently Guns N’ Roses played at the Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv, Israel, 19 years after there last visit. “I’m pleased to be here again” said Axl Rose who was also seen partying it up with fans at an unknown club.

For the past few years Guns N’ Roses have been touring with Compulite’s Vector lightning consoles, and this year it’s no different. During their Israeli tour we were able to catch up with Visual and lighting designer for Guns N’ Roses Greg Shipley. Shipley told us that a total of 4 Vector Reds are being used; 2 for lighting and 2 for video. “Vector is a powerful lighting console” said Shipley. “It is very easy to control, user friendly and fast to program and has an amazing effects engine”. Shipley also said that he loves the fact that Vector is hands on to operate, “I love the hard keys and the multi-faders which enables me to have full control and get creative on-the-fly”, said Shipley.

Guns N’ Roses 2012 European tour lighting equipment includes:

  • 4 Compulite Vector Reds
  • 32 VL 3000 Spots
  • 98 Mac 2K Washes
  • 20 Atomic strobes with color changes
  • 24 Pixel Line 1044s
  • 17 martin Stagebars
  • 16 Coemar Parlite LED’s
  • 6 9 way mole fay




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