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Thursday, 16 August 2018 13:10

"Vibe is very intuitive, easy and quick to use!"


"Donnschtig Jass" is a 7 week travelling entertainment program in Switzerland, organized by Swiss broadcasting company SRF and Technology and Production Center TPC

The program is based on Jass; a two-handed card game played with a pack of 32 cards in which points are scored by melding certain combinations.

The program's goal is to travel across Switzerland, giving preference to smaller communities that have beautiful village squares. During the Jass games

two communities compete against each other and the winning community serves as the venue of the next program.


Each of these exciting Jass competitions is linked to some local festivities with music performances by well know artists.

The music performed is usually colorful and vibrant, bringing in audiences from all across the region. This unique 7 week program called for a unique lighting console.


After careful consideration, experienced Lighting Designer and Operator Matthias Kern, of TPC switzerland AG, chose the state of the art Vibe console to control 170 fixtures

used in the program using Compulite's VC Protocol and Artnet Protocol. A Hippotizer V4 Media Server was also used in the show as well as Compulite's ePort-8.   

TPC switzerland AG is responsible for production and technology for television, radio and multimeda for SRF (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen).


Matthias Kern: "Vibe is very intuitive, easy and quick to use. Many of the parameters can be processed with just a few clicks; it simplifies much of what is usually rather difficult to do." 



The Vibe family is an advanced line of intuitive and flexible lighting control consoles. 

These consoles utilize multi-touch screen technology and provide lighting operators with a virtually unlimited number of touch controller buttons and faders. 

Using a keypad and motorized faders for fast fixture selection and control, they enable quick access and are very powerful.

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