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Photon is a compact lighting console suitable for television studios, theaters, and small venues. Photon controls up to 144 (360 optional) DMX channels, 48 color changers, and up to 512 dimmers on industry standard DMX512.
Multi-purpose soft keys associated with the 20 controllers provide on press access to Memories, Groups of Channels, Macros, Snaps, and chasers.
Current soft keys status is shown on a dedicated LED display.
Multi-colored LEDs provide at a glance controller status.
Easy to read displays on the color SVGA/LCD monitor provide full information for controller assignments, chaser mode, and chase rates.
Photon may simultaneously run up to10 chasers.A vertical wheel controls intensity, color changer frames, and fade rate override. Optional (Photon LX) MIDI in/out/thru, DMX Input, and internal SMPTE make this a powerful and versatile small board.



• Convenient compact size
• Photon supports up to 144 (optionally 360) channels, using one DMX512 connector
• Main Playback includes an automatic dipless split-crossfaders with illuminated Go button, LED displays for current and incoming memories, and dedicated control keys for various functions
• 20 soft-keys enabling direct access to snaps, macros, controller/chasers, and more. Up to 10 hard or soft Chasers may run simultaneously
• Photon editing interface includes 1 wheel for intensity, color changer control, fade rate override
• 20 Controllers/Chasers with Bump Buttons/Soft Keys/colored LEDs
• General Master with blackout key
• All Data may be archived to the integral 3.5" Floppy disk drive
• More then 1000 memories may be programmed ranging between 0.1 and 999.9 and supporting Loops and Links between them.
• 999 Selection Groups of channels and scrollers can be stored for one press selection
• Up to 99 Snaps provide snapshooting capabilities of the board's playbacks state, and Submasters including assignments and running state.
• 999 Powerful Macros can be created to simulate any key sequence and triggered via soft-keys, memories, MIDI, SMPTE, DMX-in channels and more
• Event for complex playback operations can be programmed to be triggered by memories or SMPTE time-code
• Text may be added to any user data from show files to memories via the optional Multi-lingual Text Keyboard.

Optional Features

• DMX Input
• Remote Bus interface
• Sound-to-Light
• 360 channels


• 1 DMX output
• 1 SVGA/LCD output
• Alphanumeric text keyboard
• Mains power input
• Mains power output (for monitor)
• Parallel printer port
• DMX input (LX model only)
• SMPTE input (LX model only)
• MIDI In/Out/Thru (LX model only)
• Remote bus (LX model only)
• Audio In (optional)

Optional accessories

• Cable Designer
• Wireless Designer system
• Macro Extension Wing
• Photon Backup System
• Alphanumeric text keyboard


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