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Vector Green

The Vector Green console is third in the family line. While reducing the size, we kept the power and the capabilities of Vector Red and Vector Blue. As a result, Vector Green became the preferable and affordable console for the small-medium venue range.


Download Vector Quick Start Guide Here. 


32 DMX-512 Universes

4 integrated DMX-512 output ports

1 Integrated DMX-512 input ports

Dedicated A/B playback faders

10 playback faders (10 pages)

10 playback Q-keys (10 pages)

Dedicated Pan / Tilt Illuminated 38mm Trackball

5 parameters wheel encoders page-able

Dedicated vertical dimmer wheel

1 integrated 12.1” LCD touch-screens

1 additional external video outputs

2 Ethernet 1G ports

MIDI / MSC port

SMPTE Timecode port

Audio port

3 USB 2.0 ports

1 Desk-Light port

DVD/CD-RW drive

9999 Groups

9999 Presets

9999 Macros

9999 Snaps (pages)

9999 Cue Lists



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Vector Training