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Compulite's Vector Ultra Violet at RM LIGHTENDAY 2021


Photo Credit: "RM Multimedia"

On September 1st, RM Multimedia, Compulite's Italian distributor, and a well-known distributor of professional lighting equipment in Italy, celebrated the "RM LIGHTENDAY 2021" , an event in memory of RM Multimedia founder Marco Bartolini who passed away last year.

The event took place at PalaRiccione (a convention Centre in Riccione, Italy) and included a special dinner, speeches and a slideshow with videos and photos of Marco with his family, colleagues, and friends. During the evening the stage hosted a music live show of the "Smoma" band and a dancing ensemble that entertained the public with choreographic ballet and solos.


The light show of the event has been pre-programmed using the Vector software during the previous weeks, in order to optimize the timetable. Lorenzo Pagella from 'Virtual Lighting' , built a virtual 3D version of the stage on the L8 visualizer, where the Lighting Designer Umile Vanieri could preview the setup and decide about the lighting scenarios to create.

Lighting programmer Lorenzo Pagella said:  "As the event involved different kinds of performances, we needed to prepare a variety of scenes and sets. We had some "walk-in" cues to make some nice looking environments, that we used for the public entrance and for the moments between a performance and the next one."

The crew had an "institutional" cue to use for concentrating the attention on the stage during the speeches of the organizers. They prepared some timed sequences to enlighten the dance performances, designed on the music and on the artists' when they move on the stage.
Also, there were cues with many dynamic effects that had triggered live, while the band was on the stage, with times and fades based on the music played.

The light plan involved more than a hundred different Robe LED fixtures, among them: Forte, Esprite, T1 profile, Tetra2, Spiider, Tarrantula, LedBeam350 and LedBeam150.
The light show was controlled by a Compulite Vector Ultra Violet console.

"Between the guests of the event there was a very high number of professionals of the entertainment, from all over Italy and even abroad: lighting designers, operators, rental companies' owners, brand representatives, sales agents, and many others.
I think that the main challenge was to light a show where the public is filled with people who know very well the products used and their capabilities. For that reason, you need to make very good and clean work, not just to impress the audience, but also to show the quality of the products and that you're confident with them. It's a bit like if a restaurant has to serve a table of chefs. "
Said Lorenzo



Photo Credits: Cinzia Costanzo , Lorenzo Pagella