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Compulite's Vector Ultra Violet performs at Norma


On September 23rd the Massimo Bellini Theater of Catania, celebrated the day in memory of Vincenzo Bellini, the famous Italian opera composer, and showed his most known opera "Norma" directed by Davide Livermore. The screenplay was broadcast live on RAI, the national television network.

The lighting plan, created by the Lighting Designer Vincenzo Raponi, was based on 6 trusses, sidelights, and a FOH, of Led moving lights, including: Robe T2 profiles, High End Sola wash 2000, Claypaky K-eye K20 HCR, Ayrton Wildsun, and also some traditional halogen fixtures from Spotlight.
The scenography had 111 square meters wide InfiLED screen, programmed with a Watchout system, and moving elements with a built-in Led strips and haze machines controlled in DMX.

The lighting fixtures were managed and programmed by Lorenzo Pagella from 'Virtual Lighting' on a Compulite Vector system made with 2 x Vector Ultra Violet consoles (master and backup) and an ePort-41 using Artnet protocol.


The lighting designer Vincenzo Raponi said: " The main challenge was to make a theatrical lighting of the show that could also work properly for the TV cameras. Theater and television have very different needs, but I needed to ensure that the play was looking well both for the eyes and on the screen. So, I chose technological products that could give reliable capabilities in dimming, color mixing and temperature regulation, as well as frost effects and frequency adjustment to meet the Director of Photography's needs. "

The lighting operator Lorenzo Pagella: "I felt confident working with Compulite Vector Ultra Violet, because I could quickly control the LEDs' color levels one by one, in order to obtain the same light tones from very different color mixing systems (a 5 colors' source, a white Led with CMY wheels, a 6 colors' source, and halogen lamps). By profiling the beams to avoid unwanted shadows and thanks to the Look Ahead function to preposition the fixtures, I could easily set up the main Q-list and program the lighting scenes that the lighting designer was asking for. "


Photo Credits: Sarah Pendolino & Lorenzo Pagella