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Spark is a compact lighting console suitable for television studios, theaters, discotheques, and small venues. Spark controls up to 240 channels, 48 color scrollers, and 512 dimmers on industry standard DMX. 512 channels are reserved for DMX controlled moving lights Direct high End protocol is also supported.

Soft Keys associated with the 20 controllers provide one press access to memories, groups of channels and/or spots, macros, snaps, and chasers. A convenient alphanumeric display keeps you up to date with the current Soft Key function displayed. Multi-colored LEDs give at-a-glance controller status information. Run up to 10 chasers (with conventional channels and moving lights) simultaneously. Easy to read displays on the color VGA monitor provide full information for controller assignments, chaser mode and chase rates, and much more.

Edit moving devices with the 3 parameter wheels organized into wheel banks. The trackball for pan and tilt is sensitivity adjustable.



  • Convenient compact size
  • 2 output connectors for DMX512 or proprietary protocol
  • 240 control channels (Spark Q - optional 512 channels)
  • 48 scrollers
  • 512 dimmers (including scrollers)
  • 512 channels for DMX moving lights. S-Mix or direct High End protocol.
  • 1 automatic split crossfader with manual override and two LED displays
  • 3 parameter wheels, with alphanumeric displays, organized into banks
  • Trackball for pan and tilt
  • 20 controllers with color coded LEDs
  • 10 hard or soft chasers operate simultaneously on the controllers.
  • General master with blackout switch
  • Floppy disk drive
  • Position, Color, and Gobo libraries
  • Multi-part cues
  • 999 macros
  • 100 snaps
  • Memory modification with delta tracking
  • Alphanumeric keyboard
  • 1 S-VGA color monitor
  • Compatible with Compulite’s Super Ovation show files

Optional Features

  • Additional control channels (up to 512- Spark Q)
  • Sound-to-Light for chasers
  • MIDI - transmit and/or receive
  • SMPTE DMX input for conventional channels and moving lights

Optional accessories

  • Alphanumeric text keyboard
  • Parallel printer
  • Remote control with trackball
  • Macro Extension Keyboard
  • VGA monitor


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