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The Vibe family is an advanced line of intuitive and flexible lighting control consoles.
These consoles utilize multi-touch screen technology and provide lighting operators with a virtually unlimited number of touch controller buttons and faders.
Using a keypad and motorized faders for fast fixture selection and control, they enable quick access and are very powerful.
 Designed using the latest technologies available, the Vibe family is optimized for graphical speed and network connectivity, providing lighting professionals all the tools needed to realize even the largest production.
  • 2 External DisplayPorts 1.4 (can split to 8 FHD Monitors)
  • Multi-color illuminated keypad
  • 8 RGB Backlit high-resolution wheels, 4 general purpose, 4 interactive. 1 vertical wheel for intensity control
  • A backlit XY trackball with 3 dedicate multi-use buttons
  • Dedicated A/B theatre style cross faders
  • Fully customizable and swipable drag and drop Workspace layouts
  • Virtually unlimited multi-touch controllers
  • Multi-angle control surface
  • Full tracking backup
  • 2D topo and graphical on screen editing
  • Up to 32-bit parameters and virtual parameters
  • RDM support
  • Comprehensive effects engine accessed via graphical editor with multiple primitives, patterns and parameters (*)
  • Up to 256 DMX universes directly from console via network ports
  • PC and Smartphone software
  • Multi language support
  • More than 30,000 Fixtures provided by AtlaBase Ltd
  • 131,072 Parameters (256 universes)
  • Over 9,000 Playbacks: 30 pages of 100 Slider controllers, 30 pages of 100 Q-Key controllers and 30 pages of 100 Auxiliary Key controllers
  • Unlimited # of Cues / Functions / Curves: Q-Lists, Scenes, Sub-masters, Sets, Groups, Presets, Macros, Matrix, Snaps and Timelines



Vibe M


Vibe PC



Library partner
Vibe libraries provided by AtlaBase Ltd