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CompuDim Controller

The new RCM (Rack Control Module) designed on the latest hardware and software technologies, is a fully embedded PC that controls rack electronics. It's able to communicate with the consoles and control the micro-controllers located in each dimmer drawer. An optional second control module can be installed in the dimmer rack functioning as a Slave control module. The Slave Control Module tracks the Master Control Module and takes over in the case of Master fault.


  • Touch screen graphic color LCD display 4.3''
  • Real time status screens displaying current data and errors
  • Fully redundant control module option
  • Communication between the control module and dimmer is done via a reliable CAN bus interface
  • Master Panic Switch sets all dimmers to a predetermined level; Panic switch can be controlled locally, remotely or via Dimmer Monitor software.
  • Data Control:
    • HTP or Merge
    • 2 DMX512 inputs + Ethernet (VC, ArtNet and sACN)
  • Patch Menu:
    • Patch Wizard
    • Manual Patch
  • Parameters Menu:
    • Curves
    • Preheat
    • Maximum current load
    • Over temperature shutdown for each drawer
  • Test Menu:
    • Ability to set intensity via hardware wheel; COM LED flashes for easy identification
  • Configuration Menu:
    • IP Address
    • Custom Curve
    • LCD control
    • Communication Break behavior
  • Password:
    • Passwords can be set to prevent unauthorized access to RCM menus.
  • Software Upgrade:
    • Software and DSP upgrade is done via USB



CompuDim Controller