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CompuPack, offers a reliable and affordable 19” Rack Mount digital dimming solution, whether fixed or mobile. A built in graphic LCD display is included for easy access and monitoring of all controls and settings.
For more info please see the Data Sheet


  • Power input; STAR, STAR+NEUTRAL or DELTA
  • Up to 12 circuits’ type; SP, SPN, DP, DPN, RCD, RCBO per circuit
  • Available configuration; 12 and 6
  • Combination of different modules:
    • Dimmer, Relay & Direct
  • Graphic LCD Display with adjustable back-light
  • Menus with direct access keys
  • Keypad - Soft Keys for programming
  • Up to 99 backup looks with fade times
  • Built in sequencer for Stand-alone operation
  • Data control; 1 or 2 DMX-512 & Ethernet
  • LED indication for DMX-512, Ethernet and cabinet power
  • 3 Phases LED indications
  • 3 Colors LED indication per circuit for status; No-Load, Level &Temp
  • Status report to C-Net Manager software
  • Software upgrade via Ethernet