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Spark4D is a lighting console designed to control 1536 DMX channels thru its three DMX outputs. The 1536 DMX channels can be flexibly aligned to control up to 250 moving-lights, conventional dimmers, color changers, and other DMX devices. Integrated programming tools, playback controls and advanced editing tools makes the Spark4D into a very powerful tool for every application - from architectural lighting, thru tradeshows, TV shows and theater, and up to live shows  Spark4D is THE tool. Spark4D is prefect whenever quick results and flexible playback control is needed. With Spark4D nothing gets lost thanks to an integral hard-disk (optional) featuring Auto-Save to protect your data. All data can also be saved to the integral floppy disk or remote file server via Spark4D's Ethernet support. Connectivity with WYSIWYG and CompuCAD simulation software enableS full pre programming of your show off-stage, and generation of powerful rendered images of your simulated stage and lighting. The full Ethernet support of the Spark4D allows users to distribute all DMX512 outputs, MIDI & MSC, remotely control and monitor the console, and display system screens. This can be achieved using Compulite's range of Ethernet nodes -CompuLINK, VideoLINK, and E-Mix (Ethernet-DMX converter).



  • Spark4D supports up to 1536 DMX512 channels, using 3 DMX512 connectors.
  • The DMX outputs may be flexibly aligned to control channels, scrollers, moving-lights, and other DMX controlled devices.
  • Main Playback includes an automatic dipless split-crossfaders with illuminated Go button, LED displays for current and incoming memories, and dedicated control keys for various functions.
  • 20 Controllers/Chasers supporting memory ranges loops as chasers, group, memory, and submaster assignments for manual or automatic fades.
  • General master with blackout switch. 20 soft-keys enabling direct access to snaps, macros, controller/chasers, effects, palettes and more.
  • Spark4D editing interface includes 3 banked wheels with graphic LED displays for dimmer intensity control and moving-light parameters manipulation, and trackball for moving-lights pan/tilt control.
  • Up to 100 Cue lists (Q-lists) containing more then 1000 memories each ranging between 0.1 and 999.9 and supporting Loops and Links between them.
  • Memories can be divided to up to 9 Parts, each containing any combination of channels, scrollers, and moving-lights with its own fade and wait time.
  • 3 Libraries holding up to 99 entries each provides a tracking Database for focus points (Position Library), colors (Color Library) and beam states (Gobo Library).
  • Palette database may hold up to 999 entries and provides a non-tracking data-base for any parameter value combination.
  • 999 Selection Groups of spots, scrollers, and channels can be stored for one press selection.
  • Effect editor for creating complex movements in seconds and an extensive Bundled Effects package stored on the hard drive. Up to 999 effects may be stored in the system memory.
  • Fan for quick fixture alignment in various fan patterns.
  • Up to 99 Snaps provide snapshooting


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