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Spark Top


Complete desk in a box with a full-featured Spark 4D and color LCD monitor inside a rugged molded case. The base unit has a handle and lift-off protective lid. Once the lid is removed the 10.4" color TFT display is hinged into place along the back of the console. SparkTop is portable and can be setup in seconds. Available in two attractive colors, red and purple.

The SparkTOP console controls up to 1,536 DMX channels via three DMX outputs. 1536 DMX channels can be easily configured to control up to 250 moving lights, standard dimmers, color converters and other DMX devices.

The SparkTOP editing interface includes 3 combined dials with graphic LED displays to control the dimmer intensity and parameters of the moving lights, as well as a trackball to control the pan / tilt of the moving lights. Manage channel groups, Macros and Snaps through 20 controllers.
No data is lost with the SparkTOP remote thanks to the built-in auto-save function on the hard disk. All data can be backed up to the built-in floppy disk drive or via Ethernet to a remote PC file server.
Interoperability with WYSIWYG and CompuCAD simulators makes it possible to fully preprogram your off-stage show and generate powerful rendered images of the scene and lighting you simulate.
SparkTOP's full Ethernet support allows users to map all DMX512, MIDI & MSC outputs, remotely control and monitor the console, and display system screens. This is achieved using the Compulite series of Ethernet nodes - CompuLINK, VideoLINK, and E-Mix (Ethernet-DMX converter)

Dimensions: WxDxH 63x39x16 cm
Weight: 10.9 kg.

Mains power input
Power output (for monitor)
Power switch
3 DMX outputs
1 SVGA output
Alphanumeric keyboard
Ethernet 10Mbit / 10BaseT
Parallel printer port
1 Connector for backlight - 12V
1 RS-232 serial
MIDI In / Out / Thru


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