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Vector Violet is on the menu for Israel's next restaurant


Photo Credit: "Reshet 13"

For the first time on television, "Israel's Next Restaurant", a new reality show from "Reshet 13" (channel 13), offers a unique concept that allows viewers at home to book seats every week at a new restaurant based on the episode being broadcast earlier.

During each audition episode, contestants present their unique concepts and build a scale model of the restaurant in the studio.
In front of the judges, there are four large and well-designed doors with the restaurant's name and the logo chosen by the person behind it. The judges choose the next door for each audition and enter a whole world adapted to the atmosphere.


The four judges, Assaf Granit, Moshik Roth, Yossi Shitrit and Ruthie Rousso, have to choose the best out of the four restaurants that will have the opportunity to become a real-world restaurant later this week in the hottest location in Tel Aviv.

The studio was equipped with a Vector Violet controlling:

  • ETC profile led
  • Robe BMFL moving lights
  • Eco Stage Par LED by Danor
  • Eco Stage Par LED Zoom by Danor
  • SMD Led Strips

Lighting design: Ofer Jacobi
Lighting Programming: Ronen Ben-Harosh


Photo Credits: “Danor Theatre and Studio Systems”